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Smart Kid is an educational content provision and management tool which uses the Internet to supply learning material to all students, young and old. Content can be delivered during classes through PDAs, Laptops or existing computer suites or set as homework for students to work on in their own time at home.
Smart Kid requires no additional software, only web site access is required and can be displayed on any device such as:

  • Desktop computers or Laptops 
  • PDAs 
  • Sony PSP 
  • Mobile phones 

By supplying learning material through these interactive devices, students participate more enthusiastically and become more engaged in their work. All data is gathered securely and is stored for tutors. Statistical results are supplied by class or by student and it is easy to see how performance trends change during the course of a term or year.
There are many reasons to give Smart Kid a try:

  • Over 16,000 curriculum-based questions are currently available on the system, all categorised into subject and learning level.
  • Work can be set right down to a specific batch of questions, either from our extensive online database or customised questions added by your staff.
  • Tutors can specify a target group of learners and deliver questions directly to their personal device, PDA, mobile phone or computer. Due dates for this work can also set.
  • When students enter the system they will see which tutor has set a piece of work and when it is to be completed by. If there is any partially completed work this can be continued.
  • All your existing educational classes/groups can be created inside Smart Kid. Administrator users can create/edit these groups or many can be created at once by importing existing SIMS data straight into the system.
  • Tutors can monitor the work they have set and see which students have completed the work and those who haven't. Information is provided for each piece of work, each group and each individual student. These are given through a statistical breakdown.
  • Students can view the results of work they have already completed and try the work again to improve their performance.
  • Full statistical breakdowns are provided and have in-depth analysis of student scores, student answers and per-question figures, such as most commonly answered correctly and incorrectly.
  • Tutors can easily create and share their own questions using our intuitive question manager. 

For more information please contact John Blackburn 0800 781 0865
Or email info@smartkid.co.uk